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The Stewardship Team provides leadership in the financial matters of the church. This includes:


  • Planning the fall stewardship drive

  • Reviewing quarterly financial reports

  • Helping with the annual budget process

  • Managing and dispersing memorial funds  

If you enjoy working with numbers, and/or are interested in helping keep the church financially stable, this would be an ideal service opportunity for you.



The Worship Team oversees the activities surrounding the Sunday morning worship service and plans special services, such as:

  • Christmas Eve

  • Lenten services

  • Memorial Sunday

  • World Communion Sunday

  • Veteran's Day Sunday

A heart for worship and a desire to help plan services so that all who attend can be spiritually blessed are all the requirements needed to be part of this vital ministry team.

You do not need to be musically inclined or participate in the actual service to be a member of this team.



The Mission and Outreach Team coordinates outreach activities for local and regional opportunities as well as mission trips. Examples include:

  • Participate in community outreach events, such as Operation Backpack

  • Consider ways we as a congregation can respond to people in need

  • Coordinate activities that may help others see, hear, or experience God's love in tangible ways

  • Promote special offerings throughout the year

If you have a heart for reaching out to others, please consider joining the Mission and Outreach team. This is hands on giving of ourselves to others – not evangelism.



The Property Team oversees matters involving church-owned buildings and grounds, including:

  • Routine maintenance

  • Prioritizing projects

  • Arranging for necessary repairs

  • Aiding in planning of new construction projects

You do not need construction skills to be part of this team. Your spiritual gift of service in tangible, practical ways is all that is needed.

Children Praying


The Children and Youth Team works with the Children and Youth Director in providing opportunities for youth to know, grow, and show God’s saving grace that will remain with them throughout their lifetime. Activities and programs include:


  • Participating in worship

  • Attending small groups, such as the Wednesday night programs, children's church and VBS

  • Participating in mission and outreach

If you have a heart for young people and desire to help them grow through these opportunities, please consider joining this planning team.

You do not need to have children or grandchildren in the programs or participate in every activity to be a member of this team. 

Contact Amanda Doud for Children & Youth Ministry -

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